Charnwood Cruisers

About the club

The club was founded in 1975 with just 5 members from the Charnwood area. A meeting was arranged in the layby across the road from the Royal Oak pub in Loughborough, and it was decided to continue them on the first Saturday of every month. It didn't take long for other enthusiasts to join the club and over the years there were upwards of 30 members.

Following a club meet there was always was a cruise through Loughborough town centre ending up at the kebab house in the Rushes. Everyone was welcome even if they didn't have a car of their own - they would just jump into someone else's!​

The Charnwood Cruisers have attended many events across the years, starting with Belvoir Castle, Burleigh College and Brush Social Gala and we even launched our own show in 2013 which now attracts over 15,000 spectators each year.

Now years later the Charnwood Cruisers Custom Car Club is still going strong and driven by the same enthusiasm and passion that it all started with -  the cars!

What we do


All members help each other out with suggestions, ideas and repair support.


Midday meets are the 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month (April - Oct) at Lisa's Diner.


We cruise to shows, to events and to our own meets - any opportunity! 

Join Us

We have no affiliation fees or joining requirements.  We just ask that prospective members try to attend  some of our twice monthly meets.

We also keep active on Facebook so you can join us there too!