About the Club

The club was founded in 1975 with just 5 members from the charnwood area. A meeting was arranged in the layby across the road from the Royal Oak pub in Loughborough, the meetings took place the first Saturday of every month. It didn't take long for other enthusiasts to join the club and over the years there were upwards of 30 members. Any one was welcome even if they didn't have a car of their own. One aspect of the club was a cruise through the town centre and ending up at the kebab house in the Rushes. The club attended many events such as Belvoir Castle, Burleigh College and Brush Social Gala. Now years later the club is still going with fewer members but the enthusiasm is still the same.

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Original Members List:

Frank Pelosi - 1967 Wosley, The Godfather

Smok Makwana - 1970 MK II Cortina

Con White - 1971 Vauxhall Victor V8, Voxy Music

Gary Lillie - 1972 Camaro

Mick - 1971 Ford Taunus

Roger Street - 1959 Ford Pop, Lil Coyte

Dave Dodd - 1964 Ford Mustang

Ross Wotton - 1978 Camaro

Rob Salby - Ford Capri

Dave Hartshorne - 1967 Cortina v6

Simon Sanders - 1960 Consul

Cary Hatch - 1970 Ford Cortina 1600E, The SpaceCruiser

Steve Arme - 1969 Plymouth Fury, Sweet Fury

Meaty Day - 1973 VW, Black Widow

Eric Barr - Morris 1000 van

Ian Hutchinson - Bedford CF van

Les Newman - (no car)

Newcastle Dave - MKII Convertible Zodiac

A J Hobbs - (no car)

Phil (Wolfman) Upton - 68 Oldsmobile Cutless

Richard Potts - Necromancier Moggy van

Caroline Drage - Nissan Sunny

Rene - Ford Opus

Geoff Odium - MK III Cortina

Noel Joel - MK III Zepher

Dilip (Dil) Kakaiya - Ford Anglia 105E


If any one remembers any more members please email us. Also if your name is included and you dont wish it to be, email us and we will remove it immediately.